``How Does The Most Expensive Meal In The World Taste Like?´´


Music & Emotions

As Sublimotion's Head of Music, my rol consists in composing and selecting the music that will push up your experience to the next level. We've focused on the emotions of our guests to guide you through a unique experience that fuses your 5 senses.

We've created our own dream, and now, it's ready to be shared! 

Sublimotion is

an space created to stimulate the 5 senses, a different experiential trip to anything you’ve ever experienced before. A total immersion in the creative process of the Chef and his team, which will transport you to a new and surprising scene. An experience you may only understand when living it in person.

The Room

350 sqm facility, designed expressly to represent the greatest gastronomic show the world. A space designed to intensify the pleasure.

Our main capsule, 70 sqm open-space and 7-meter high, has a sophisticated audiovisual setting.

The table designed for 12 unique guests, represents one of the most important technological developments in the field of gastronomic innovation.

A hidden and restricted entrance.

250m2 private terrace (after dinner) where you can continue your experience once finished the dinner

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